Gluten Free Chapati Flour – 3 Kg


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Vegan-Friendly and suitable for vegetarians

Best quality product to make fluffy chapati/ roti, which tastes good and fulfills your daily nutrition needs.

This flour contains sorghum (Jowar) and pulses which fulfill all the nutritional needs of the daily diet. Easy to roll with a rolling pin to make soft and fully roti’s.

Ingredients: Sorghum, rice, pulses, tapioca, and Xanthan Gum.


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Wheat-free and gluten-free chapati/ roti flour is a homemade premium quality flour. It is the best quality ingredients to prepare soft & fluffy chapatis, Paratha and Poori.
Use just like ordinary wheat flour because our unique combination of wholesome, natural ingredients makes chapattis light, fluffy and flavorful.

Chapatti’s texture is surprising. You can feel the sweetness of your own. Wheat free or gluten free is a new health trend.

Be a part of the health revolution and adopt the Indian way of our ancient grains.

Benefits: Sorghum is rich in potassium & phosphorus so good for health. It has a good amount of calcium with small amounts of iron and sodium. The protein and starch in grain sorghum are more slowly digested than other cereals. Slower rates of digestibility are particularly beneficial for diabetics.

  • It keeps bones and teeth healthy giving energy to the body.
  • It also maintains the health of the heart, controls diabetes, arthritis, and weight of the body.
  • Sorghum makes a healthy diet since it is a wheat-free diet.
  • Eating this grain inhibit cancer tumor growth.
  • It may help manage cholesterol.
  • It is one of the safe food for people who are suffering from celiac disease.

Ingredients: Sorghum, rice, pulses, tapioca, and Xanthan Gum.

Usage: Use warm water for dough making and keep the dough bit tight. Consume the fresh chapatti, if you want to keep for 2 to 3 hours, apply butter or ghee.

Storage: Once open, keep the flour in an airtight container.

Shelf life: 9 months.

Note: The chapattis may differ from the wheat flour due to the absence of the gluten so the first time, the user may feel it difficult to bind and flatten the dough. please refer to the instructions given at the backside of the product for better results. There are some essentials in a gluten-free kitchen which can be a great help to maintain your daily needs.