Ragi daliya (Finger Millet Porridge) 400 gms


Ragi or finger millet belongs to the millet family and has high nutritional values.

Benefits of Ragi

1 Ragi has high protein content.

2 Ragi controls diabetes,

3 Ragi is a rich source of minerals.

4 Ragi has anti-cancer potential,

5 Ragi has anti-microbial properties.

6 Ragi reduces “bad” cholesterol.

7 Ragi keeps you young.

8 High in calcium.

9 Extremely good for children and women.



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Organic desi quality stone grind ragi or finger millet porridge is extremely good for all age groups. Processed in a fully gluten-free manufacturing facility and low heat grinding process makes it an excellent choice for all health-conscious people along with gluten-sensitive users. 100% free of any gluten contamination and nonadulterated.