Healthy Jowar Khichdi – Our Ancient Grain

Gluten Free Jowar Khichdi

As you all know that Jowar (Sorghum) khichdi is very healthy and delicious option for the gluten free diet. Jowar or sorghum

is also known as the new quinoa with many health benefits. Rich in antioxidants, jowar also has anti diabetic, anit-cancerous

and anit-obesity characteristics. Split of this grain (Dalia or porridge) can be used to make some healthy and tasty recipes.

Today i am going to share a very healthy and tasty khichdi recipe. Ingredients you need is:

1 cup Jowar (sorghum porridge) dalia

1 spoon ginger thin cut

1/2 tea spoon black mustard seeds

1 tea spoon chana dal

1 table spoon oil

1/4 tea spoon turmeric powder

8-10 leaves of Kadi patta (curry leaves)

2 green chilies chopped

1 chopped onion

5-6 Almonds chopped

salt to taste and coriander leaves for garnishing.


Take one cup jowar dalia in pressure cooker and add four cups of water, close the cooker lid cook until two whistles & let it on

sim flame for 5 minutes. Let the dalia cool for the one hour. Heat one spoon oil in a pan add black mustard seeds, chana dal,

curry leaves, chopped green chilies, chopped ginger and onion. Fry till onion slightly brown add salt to taste and add the

pre-cooked dalia to it & mix well, cook for 5 minutes add little amount of coriander leaves. serve hot and garnish with coriander

leaves and chopped almonds.

Enjoy a healthy and delicious break fast with your love ones.

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